Last April, Dr. Richard Smith introduced a brand-new offering that delivered years of testing, research and hedge-fund level strategies into the hands of individual investors.

Experience Ideas by TradeSmith
See what stocks have built “energy or fuel” through heightened volatility and are poised for take-off.
Great investment ideas with great new uptrends from the World’s Best Investors.
If you’re looking for an opportunity to establish a position in strong companies that are just taking a breather before taking back off to new highs, the Low Risk Runners screen is a great place to find them.
Richard Smith, PhD
Dr. Richard Smith has spent the last decade researching and developing algorithms and strategies that give individual investors the tools they need to succeed while remaining in their personal investing comfort zone. Now, he’s ready to bring his strategies and algorithms to life and provide a next-level, trade ideas tool for the individual investor.
Keith Kaplan
Keith Kaplan has spent the past twenty years architecting software solutions designed to solve complex problems through simple delivery. Most recently, to give individual investors the edge on large financial institutions. Keith has been working on delivering a solution that brings all of Dr. Smith’s incredible investing strategies directly to the consumers’ fingertips.
Andy McShane
Andrew McShane has spent twenty years as a marketing leader in several industries, the most recent being education. Andrew’s philosophy of creating unique and honest experiences for the consumer is a perfect fit for TradeSmith’s overall objective of providing successful product solutions for the individual investor.

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Read the Strategies that Started it All
Kent N., a Lifetime member of both TradeStops and Ideas by TradeSmith, decided to put the Kinetic VQ strategy to work for him. See what happened in his own words.
Discover how Dr. Smith's tools can help you improve on the performance of 3 of the world's most accomplished investing minds.
Leveraging Dr. Smith’s famed SSI feature, creates powerful Green-Yellow-Green momentum indicating a perfect time to buy.
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Tuesday November 13th, 2018 at 8:00 pm Eastern

On November 13th, at 8 pm Eastern, you’ll see firsthand the newest strategies and screens in Ideas by TradeSmith. Including, for the first time, exclusive Options strategies with the potential for 10X gains.

You’ll see how individual investors are already using Dr. Richard Smith’s strategies, years of data and testing to generate targeted pick ideas. 

And how you can cut through noise, speculation and volatility to find your next great stock ideas.



Dr. Smith Lab's

Now you can see call options that give you the potential to beat the S&P by 10X. Leverage our systems to dig for options you may want to consider buying by strike price, and option expiry. 
“Momentum-Plus” Fundamental Value, Growth, and Dividend strategies:
Momentum is a powerful factor on its own. Now you have the ability to pair momentum AND fundamentals for added pop to your portfolio.
Billionaire Convictions
Rigorous testing showed how picks from our “Best of the Billionaires” strategy outperformed the S&P 500 by 3-to1. Adding the “Billionaire Conviction Factor” potentially juices those returns by a whopping 5-to-1!

New Strategies Added! Including: